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Holland Webb is a full-time freelance copywriter and digital marketing strategist located in Greenville, SC. His clients are leaders in online retail, higher education, and faith-based development. Holland has written for brands such as Radisson, Country Inn & Suites, MediaFusion, Modkat, Great Bay Home, IMPACT Water, HigherEducation.Com, and BioNetwork. He is a featured writer on Compose.ly, and his monthly copywriting column appears on Almost An Author. A seasoned public speaker, Holland enjoys sharing tales from the copywriting life as well as evidence-based information on digital communication with audiences. Being both a copywriter and a faith-based writer, he’s interested in conversion, so check out his occasional devotional in Devozine. With formal and non-formal teaching experience behind him (way behind him), Holland provides limited private . . . Learn More


Holland is an inspiring copywriter who understands the elements of storytelling and how to put them to work for your business. He’s written website content for a major chain of hotels with locations in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. His other clients have included digital marketing companies like Waypost, Indri Digital, the Enveritas Group, and Infinity Marketing. He specializes in crafting content for housewares retailers that target urban dwelling Millennials as well as writing about technology for non-techies. Holland also writes for faith-based organizations and non-profits.


A skilled and experienced editor, Holland can polish even tarnished prose to a high sheen. He has edited web content for businesses, printed collateral pieces for a counselor’s office, and both fiction and non-fiction books. Holland knows how to retain the writer’s heart and message while cleaning up the extraneous words, awkward phrases, and grammatical mishaps. One client, perhaps Holland’s favorite, said, “As an editor, he has a firm hand, and a human touch. Holland is experienced and professional. Hire Holland.” Now you know why he’s Holland’s favorite editorial client.


“Funny. Multilayered. Rich.” These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Holland as a speaker. Whether sharing with recovery groups, men in prison, or college students, Holland’s simple style and counterintuitive thoughts are sure to resonate. Holland’s topics include devotional talks for men, storytelling for the digital age, the basics of copywriting, and writing for social impact.


Holland’s first job out of college was teaching English in China with ELIC. He loved the language, but the idea of teaching actual human beings scared him senseless. He and his students survived, however, and Holland has since taught at every level from pre-school to adults. While teaching English in Guatemala, Holland discovered his knack for tutoring. Today, he works with second language students, helping second language speakers and struggling writers to harness the power of the English language.

Holland Webb is a communicator par excellence. He has a firm grasp of differing theologies and has demonstrated excellence in public speaking. His working commitment to ministry among the poor (socioeconomically and spiritually) is evidenced by his willingness to listen and meet people at their point of need. His lifestyle of dedication to the Kingdom Among Us should be modeled by anyone wishing to grow in personal integrity, knowledge, compassion, and fruitfulness. Any consideration of Holland Webb for work in ministry would get my highest recommendation. —Mike Champ, Iowa Department of Corrections and Ph.D. Candidate at Grand Canyon University

Holland copyedited my book Pursue: Chasing Your Purpose. His talent as an editor is unmatched! I found Holland to be one of the best editors I’ve worked with. He is a passionate believer in the importance of editing while keeping the writer’s message at heart. As an editor, he has a firm hand, and a human touch. Holland is experienced and professional. Do you want your book to be well written? Hire Holland! I respect his work and recommend him highly.—Randy Robinson, Author and Counselor

As a proofreader who worked closely with Holland, I know firsthand that he is an extremely quick learner and does quality work at an amazingly fast pace. I would definitely recommend him!—Emily Golus, Inbound Marketing Producer and Author

Simply put, Holland is reliable and thorough, making him one of the best freelance writers I’ve ever worked with. He always submits great work, never misses a deadline, and will do whatever it takes to deliver EXACTLY what is needed—even if that means reworking a piece from scratch. I’m always impressed with his willingness and ability to tackle and to produce fairly lengthy, technical blog articles that I can present to our clients with the utmost confidence in their quality and accuracy. If you’re looking for a top-notch writer who will truly make your job easier, look no further; Holland is your guy. —Michelle Phillips, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Waypost Marketing

Holland is proactive, on time, and writes great prose. Both Indri and our clients have been very happy with his work.—Alec Newcomb, CEO at Indri Digital

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